Event-phobia vs Event-success

Event-phobia vs Event-success

A guide for doing events for non-event people.

Guest blog by Hannah Sneath | Director at Eventfolio


Event-phobia: noun. An extreme or irrational fear of organising events.

Event-success: noun. An accomplishment of your event goals with five-star reviews from guests and stakeholders. [Hannah – what is your definition of a successful event?]

Are you a business owner (or employee) who wants to start using events to grow your brand, market your product or connect with your clients but don’t know where to start? The list of questions can be overwhelming –

How much is this really going to cost me? Can my staff afford to take time out of their normal roles? What if nobody turns up (*cue crickets chirping)?

Preparing and managing an event is such a daunting task. There are so many details to go through, suppliers to talk with and let’s not forget the pressure of the actual event day!

If this is your first time planning an event for your business not to worry – we have your back. I started Eventfolio in 2016 to help clients that are new to hosting events deliver on every aspect of their event, no matter how big or small. So here are my six quick and easy steps to get you over your event-phobia and onto event-success!

  1. Purpose and objective – How do you want everyone to feel?

Consider: What is the aim of this event? Are you launching a new product? Building brand awareness? Who is your target audience?

Create a list of goals and keep your focus on achieving them no matter what.

  1. Brainstorm
    Have a party with your pen! Use a white board and coloured pens – get all of the ideas and information out of your head. Get input from your team and main stakeholders as they too will have great ideas to make your event more successful.
  1. Budget

I like to call this the “Event Bonus”. It is true that events cost money but when done well, money spent is money made. A good event is an investment and has the potential to close deals, create relationships, increase customer loyalty and make money.

Before thinking about everything you will spend money on (venue, catering, entertainment, marketing) think of ways you can make or save money. A great way to do this is to use a professional event planner like Eventfolio. We promise to increase your leads, boost your visibility and improve client engagement as well as negotiate the best rates with suppliers. We can also help you to look at options like sponsorship or partners and ensure your event is professionally run and cost effective.

4. Select your date and venue.

When choosing a date be sure to give yourself enough time to organise your event and check with your key participants that this date will not be a conflict on their schedule.

Now you can find the perfect venue for your event. Create a list of the key factors that you are looking for and make sure that it is aligned on how you envision your event.

Unsure where to find the perfect venue? Check out Event Birdie venues!

5. Create a brand for your event

Let’s gets creative. Colour, theme, message… Go crazy!

Once you have a clear idea on the brand, styling and messaging for your event – implement it! Make sure it’s present from the invitation through to the décor at the event, right through to the post event thank you card/email.

6. Have a strategy post-event

Hosting an event is not all about the day itself. Once your guests have left, make sure you have a clear strategy to engage them with your business post-event.

Final note…

Planning an important event for your business doesn’t need to be terrifying. With the right support from a professional event planner, you can host successful events that are on brand, on budget and on time.

If you’re interested in learning how Eventfolio can help your business host successful events contact Hannah via the links below:

Eventfolio on Event Birdie | Eventfolio’s website

Guest blog bio:

Hannah Sneath, CEO & Founder of Eventfolio has been working in the events industry for coming up to a decade. Hannah prides herself on her collaborative approach, her ability to make personal connections and her history of producing event after event without a hitch. When Hannah isn’t planning events, you’ll find her enjoying a round of golf or spending time at one of Sydney’s beaches.

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