Four things people always ask event planners (and the real answers)

Four things people always ask event planners (and the real answers)

If you want to know what event planners actually do, you’re not alone.

I’ve always been interested in meeting people and making connections, which is what led me to a career as an event planner and has now resulted in me running my own event management business in Sydney and beyond. I’m lucky to have worked with a range of companies and travelled all over the world with my job, even though some people don’t really understand what I do!

Before you ask, here are my answers to the questions that come my way most often.

Are you a party planner?

Glamorous, I know. Planning parties sounds like fun and yes, I have planned a lot of parties, often for big magazines and companies celebrating new product launches.

I’m a lot more than a party planner though! My team and I prefer to be called creators. We have the vision and flare to turn any space into paradise.  

What does an event planner actually do?

Oh, you know, make a few phone calls and then check that there is tea and coffee on the day.


Event planners work furiously behind the scenes, communicating with dozens of people and agonising over every detail so that things run flawlessly. Nothing happens magically but our skill is making it look as though it does.

I am grateful that people seem to think managing an event is easily done because it proves that I’m doing my job well!

Is there a degree for that?  

The short answer is yes, but there is confusion whether an event management degree or qualification is worthwhile.

Qualifications in event management tend to have a strong business focus. They include subjects covering finance, marketing, innovation, human resources, project management and budgeting. These set the foundation for a position that often requires on-the-job learning, especially because every event is different.

I need to put on an event like yesterday, can you help?

Yep, I get this a LOT!

It is amazing when you are talking to someone as an events planner and they suddenly remember that they have a kids party, or charity event that they need to run and they need to call on you. With no time to plan! And they have made no plans for it. But the beauty of event planners is that they do come up with wonders and pull rabbits out of hats (literally sometimes, if the magician doesn’t show).

I can’t help but want people to be happy, so if I can help, I will!

Event management is hard work, but most of all it is very rewarding, which is why I’m in this business and why I keep answering the same questions!

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