Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags

A goody bag! Everyone loves getting one at a event. Or not?

They are usually filled with different items that your audience can take home and can create a memorable experience about your brand or the event itself.

What’s inside your goody bag depends on your audience and what type of event you are running.

For eg, FREE event. The bag can be filled with promo gifts from sponsors and partners.
PAID event. The bag needs to be filled with content. Gift voucher, scratchy, Book…

Here are some tips to remember when your planning a goody bag for your event:

1. Give away useful, relevant and memorable items
Stay away from overdone promo items such as tote bags, wristbands and various office supplies. Think about how your gift will become a part of your audience personal life, not just their office life.

2. Less paper – you always chuck it.
Showcase your company or product portfolio by including a flyer or brochure, but always make sure to keep it to a minimum of 2-3 pages. Too much paper and you might see your print collateral in the trash.

3. Be different (think outside of the box)
Understand your audience.
An effective goody bag doesn’t need to be too expensive or fancy. It just needs to be Relevant and creative.

4. Colourful (branded products that attract the eye)
Surprise your audience!
Go for attractive colors and interesting designs and make it look appealing to them.

Lastly, Give away at the end of the event for maximum impact.
This could be your sticking point for people to stay in the room until the end.

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