The top 5 Audiovisual Tips

The top 5 Audiovisual Tips

AV the two letter word that also stands for Audio Visual.

To have a successful event it is vital to have a good supplier and equipment for your job.Audio and visual equipments significantly brings any event or presentation alive so that the audience is able to connect with the brand and the message.
Do you have an exciting event coming up? Make sure to read these audiovisual tips to be able to make your event memorable and stand out.

1. Music
This sets the mood, scene and tone for your event. It is important to have this as the doors open, breaks, downtime and as the doors close.

2. Mics
Depending on what presentation style you are going for have the right mic. Lapel (if you are an animated speaker and roaming the stage) Always have a handheld on standby for back up on stage and for Q&A sessions.

3. Technician
Have one on site to set up, stay in the room and breakdown. Invest in the expert to manage everything. They know the equipment better than we do.

4. Screens
Make sure these are visible for your guests. Depending on room set up and numbers, everyone should be able to see your presentation. Be realistic if you need more than one screen.

5. Lighting
We want to see you and your presenters, make sure you are lit and not hiding in the darkness. Also if you have any videos in your presentation, turn off lights for a more powerful impact.

These are only 5 tips! To have access to more get in touch with eventfolio and the team can help you out.

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