The top three tips for providing great customer service

The top three tips for providing great customer service

You’d think it would be easy, but many organisations fall down on this one important part of running a successful business. Here’s how to brush up your customer service.

It is shocking to read that $41 billion is lost each year in the US due to poor customer service, and that 44% of customers will switch companies after just one poor customer service experience.

Poor customer service is the best way to shoot yourself in the foot and so many businesses don’t even realise that they are leaving people unsatisfied.

Here are three simple ways to provide customer service that will result in your customers singing your praises and coming back time and time again. I remind myself regularly to employ these techniques when interacting with each and every one of my clients.

Show up when you say you will

In any industry it is important that you maintain the relationship with your customers. This can happen two ways, but remember they are the customer and you are there to perform a service. How many times have you been to a meeting and the client is late, confused or obviously in a hurry to leave? All of these things matter when you are heading to a meeting, an appointment or even a business transaction.

No matter how your customer treats you, you need to be the best that you can be on the day and that starts with being on time and being present for the duration of the meeting. An extra tip: come up with something that will wow your customers. This can be as simple as remembering their coffee order or giving the hostess their name before they arrive.

Turn that frown upside down

SMILE! How many times in Customer Service do you face a miserable ‘so and so’ and say to yourself, why do the job you do if you don’t love what you do?

In every single industry it is so important to smile. This can change any transaction, lifting awkwardness into friendship. Ask yourself…How do you feel when you smile or someone smiles? Happy and ready for business… it’s an all round win win.


Do your research! Again this can apply to any industry. Whether you are servicing a car, picking a venue for a client or even tailoring a suit for a celebrity, my top tip is to be prepared

Be ahead of the game and this will win you repeat clients. What is the car history? When did they last bring it in?

In my role as an event planner, I spend countless hours preparing and asking myself questions like:

  • Do I believe the venue fit the client’s needs before I take them there?
  • Do they have disabled access at the venue?
  • How can I save my client money on this event?
  • What elements of this event meet the business’s short and long term goals?

Being prepared is easy, and it makes the customer feel important, feel nurtured and not like every other Tom, Dick or Harry.

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you notice the difference when you put them to use!

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