Three secret reasons why people attend events

Three secret reasons why people attend events

If you want an audience, you have to understand why they are willing to show up.

Each event is different and of course people attend events for different reasons. We normally use the standard marketing tools to get people to attend an event, however there are also some secret tactics that make all the difference to getting ‘bums on seats’.

One standard tactic is the call to action. This includes:

‘Early bird rate, offers must end soon’

‘Reserve your place now’

‘Last chance to book’


‘Only 5 places remaining’

These are the trick of the trade and can be effective in getting attendees through the door. But you want a SOLD OUT event. So what is your audience really looking for?

I’ll let you in on a secret that not many other event planners will tell you. There are three reasons people go to events, often that they wouldn’t even admit to anyone else.

Here’s what really motivates people to go to an event…

‘I feel alone’

Attendees are not always the extroverts. They want an easy way to meet and connect with people who are like them at the event. They don’t feel comfortable reaching out to other individuals for information but an event makes it easy to gain from the knowledge of others.

‘I don’t want to be at work’

It’s harsh but true! And don’t say you haven’t looked at an event for this reason! Target your market and give them an argument why it is important for their boss to give them a day off. They may even bring their boss along!

‘I want free drink, food and to have fun’

Events don’t have to be all work and no play! While the content of your event is indeed important, what will be talked about is how good the food and drink was. A gift bag of goodies will also go a long way to make the event memorable and worth mentioning to those who did not attend.

Tailoring your market to indirectly appeal to these reasons will give your target market an extra incentive to come along on the day.

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