Robowars Australia
Vivid, June 2017

Steven Martin, Founder of Robowars Australia

What were your goals/objectives you set out to accomplish from Eventfolio?
Robowars is a complex event that has grown to a stage where it is too much for our team to handle. We wanted someone to take over the non-robot side of the event to make sure everything ran smooth in lead up and on the day.

What were the specific benefits Eventfolio provided?
Running Robowars events is a volunteer exercise for members of the club. Hannah provided a professional face for organisation of the event logistics. Hannah was able to work with myself and others donating their time to the club in order to seamlessly bring together all aspects of the event.

What measurable results did you see?
This event was the smoothest Vivid event out of the past 3yrs. We had improved guest feedback and overall no issues on the day.

How soon did you see these results?
These results were evident in the lead up to the event with many things typically left until last minute being identified and solved prior to event day.

Have you used other Event Manager service providers before and been unsatisfied?
Vivid was first year we have used professional event manager

Did Eventfolios services save you time or money [or deliver results], and if so, how much?
Eventfolio certainly saved us time and money. The improved organisation and focus would have saved at least 30hrs of time in the week alone leading up to the event and more over the course of the organisation. It also freed up myself and at least one other staff member on the day allowing us to spend those 16hrs enjoying the event. Its hard to put an exact number on the figure that eventfolio saved us but in relative terms we sold more tickets, focused our limited budget which resulted in less last minute purchases which overall helped us to meet our budget targets.

Would you recommend Eventfolio’s services to your friends, family or colleagues?
Yes we would recommend eventfolio for any event big or small

What things in particular make you want to recommend us—was it our friendly staff? Was it the speed with which we got back to you when you had questions? Was it one great piece of advice? Or something else?
Our type of event is quite unique and poses many individual challenges. Eventfolio willingness to take on these challenges and learn about our scene made the choice easy.